5 Useful Tricks To Improve Your Website ’s Ugly Look

It’s tricky to become a master in web design as it requires a lot of skills and practical knowledge. In the desire to meet the customer’s needs, one has to produce something that placed at good rank in search engines. From a menu bar to the website backgrounds, every single element needs a professional design to attract the audience. If you think your website needs an improvement, then you have to follow the current going trends. For this, you can also hire a professional Edmonton Web Designer which help you in attaining a better website shape.

In the enhancement of the website, these smart tips are sure to give you an interactive website look:

1. Be Transparent

If you want a high range of audience on your website, then you must go with clean website look and remove all the unnecessary elements that are making the website image down. You can also add important items, white spaces as well as easy to navigate website information to enhance the website.

2. Clean Backgrounds

Besides the overall website ’s image, background textures and colors play an essential role. If your website contains a lot of texture and graphics, then it can distract the visitors. You must never compromise with the readability of the text and only implement clean and crisply backgrounds.

3. Social Media Inclusion

A good website content allows the audience to share what you have. Being a designer, never forget to include the social media buttons around your blog posting. Building social media icons in website allows the user to share website page directly on social media channel.

4. Easy-To-Use Navigation

One must design his business in such a way so that a visitor can easily navigate it. It is an easy way to point the visitors towards the home page.

5. Impressive Imaginary

It’s crucial to pick the right type of images while building the website as it will help you in adding more realism to the brand.

While enhancing the website look, you must make sure that what you have added to your business, must keep you ahead of the competitors. If you want to gain better results, then you can also hire our Website Design Edmonton services at Future Workz.


Top 5 Things To Know Before Starting the UI Design of a Website

To get a user friendly interface and attract more audience, its important to remain up-to-date with various Edmonton Web Design trends. Knowing the best practices help in keeping a designer as well his designed website far ahead of its competitors. A better and planned design is sure to offer fruitful results.

Some of the best practices that are applicable for UI designs are:

1. Contrast

In order to attract a user towards a website, its crucial to pay attention towards the color contrasts. This will help in easy identification of a button or link. Try to use bold colors and large fonts to display and differentiate the titles and other important headings on a webpage. Use a contrasting background color to catch the user attention towards the other page elements.

2. Consistency

Consistency is the key to success. Its advised to keep the button size same throughout the website. This will help the users in identifying the navigation points and click-able areas. Irregular or changing button colors or formats can confuse a visitor, thereby, making it harder to navigate around the site and homepage.


3. Functionality

Before starting the web development or designing process, its crucial to know the purpose for which the site is being designed. If you think the majority of the visits will be from a mobile platform, make sure the design is responsive and the images are optimized to load up quickly. Adjust the flow of site in a top to bottom or header to footer manner. This will greatly help in structuring the content to fit both the business and user needs.

4. White space

Another important thing to concentrate upon is white spaces. They should be used in a way that the space is utilized in a well manner. A managed white space helps a lot in keeping a website organized, open, clutter free and attractive. This allows in making the web content more digestible and focused.

5. Typography

Another elegant approach to establish a visual hierarchy is through effective typography. Choosing a nice banner line cannot pay off, until its written using an attractive font style and design. Size also plays an important role, when it comes to the designer fonts.


Interface or the UI design provides a perfect opportunity to bundle up the appeals of a website along with making it stand out. Web interface should be easy to use, simple to navigate, use the contrasting colors, employ the right fonts and needs to remain overall consistent.

These were the few UI design elements that an Edmonton Web designer should be well aware of, before starting the interface design. FutureWorkz is a full service digital company that offers quality SEO solutions, web design and development services in Edmonton at competitive prices.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose PHP for Ecommerce Development

With the mad race of starting a new online business, Ecommerce Stores and E-retailers are growing like nothing else. To join this business eruption, becoming an entrepreneur is not enough. One needs to have an appealing shopping platform, that can attract customers to buy products and online services.

One of the best development technology is PHP, that is highly compatible with almost all software programs and complex applications. All major PHP frameworks such as Zend, Laravel, CodeIgniter, and CakePHP provides better hosting solutions that eases the development and designing process.

Few benefits of using PHP for Ecommerce development are:

1. Cost savvy

As all PHP frameworks are open source in nature, using them for E-store development is a budgeted solution. Furthermore, working on a free theme can help a lot in reducing the costs involved in the designing process. Since, there is no need to buy a license, one can invest this amount in enhancing the functionalities of the store.

2. Personalized experience

PHP frameworks are convenient to use and offer feature rich, customizable Ecommerce solutions that aim to engage more customers. An online store can be easily personalized by adding ready made plug-ins and templates. These components help in adding more functionalities to the store, like product inventory, payment gateways, multiple currency cards, easy checkout and many more.

3. Powerful security

Since online retailers deduct the cost of purchasing through transactions, there’s great need of confidentiality. Its crucial to keep the customer’s transactional information safe and secure, so that their debit details doesn’t get hacked. With PHP frameworks, there comes powerful built-in security features that are helpful in securing a website.


4. Sale Analytics

Sale analytics tool available with PHP is a profitable strategy, that helps the online retailers in knowing about the customer preferences. With this, one can focus on the area where more and more visitors are drawing towards. This will contribute in more growth and increased sales.

5. Community support

PHP development community is one of the largest market place where great IT leaders, PHP developers and web designers discuss and share their deployment and maintenance experience. This community remains updated with all latest technologies, trends and inventions in PHP. This support feature helps in making E-store development easy, error free and up-to-date.

These were the few benefits of using PHP and its frameworks for Ecommerce store development. Its quite clear that PHP is packed with all necessary features and functionalities, no matter, it’s shopping cart, easy checkout or social media integration. FutureWorkz is a leading full service Web Design Company that offers highly reliable WordPress and mobile app development, designing and online marketing solutions in Edmonton at affordable costs.

5 Essential Tips to Help You Succeed with Mobile SEO

Online marketing is inclined towards mobile devices as audience from mobile platform is on a constant rise. More and more people are using smartphones as a medium to access web that is compelling marketers to focus on mobile marketing. Even the advertisers are creating medias, videos, and banner ads that are compatible for mobile formats. To add more, Google prioritize websites that have been optimized for mobile compatibility. It is important to optimize a responsive website since SEO strategies keeps on changing. A Professional Web Developer Edmonton can be Hired for effective search engine optimization techniques.

Few factors to be considered while optimizing for mobile SEO are:

1. Create a Responsive Website

The first step in optimization process is developing a mobile friendly website. A responsive site is one which adjusts its layout to fit every screen size its viewed upon, whether it’s a tablet or a smart phone. Images, text and other content modifies itself to be legible on smaller screens. Though a mobile app can be a perfect solution, managing both of them i.e website and app may come up as a daunting task. A responsive web design ensures single website to serve both mobile and desktop users. In addition, duplicate content is avoided that can impact SEO rankings.


2. Leverage on Local Search

One of the best approach when it comes to optimization is local search. If one is targeting the entire world, there are very little chances of coming on first page of search query result. With local search technique, one can benefit from Google AdWords feature, which is effective in giving results related to a location. Local search comes up as an effective SEO strategy that can help in improving SERP of a responsive website.

3. Focus on Mobile Keywords

As desktop experience is different from mobile one, similar goes for keywords. While optimizing content for keywords, it should be kept in mind that users use different search terms for both mobile and laptop. Google Analytics tool helps to find out data related to type of keywords mostly used for mobile searches that can help in improving organic rankings.


4. Page Speed

Another crucial factor that helps in engaging more audience and consequently better ranking is page loading speed. While optimizing a website for mobile search, do make sure it loads faster without any run-time error. Smartphones often suffer connectivity and hardware issues therefore, page loading speed has more to do with mobile friendly sites compared to non-responsive ones. An easy solution to this issue is minimizing the code and enabling browser caching.

5. Don’t Use Pop-Ups

Nothing can annoy a user more than pop-ups. Another displeasing factor about them is they are quite large to be closed on tiny screen sizes which often results in higher bounce rates. A website can improve its ranking if it consists of no or less pop-ups.

Many factors need to be kept in mind to optimize a website effectively for mobile ranking. These were the few tips that can help in optimizing a responsive website. FutureWorkz is a full service web company that offers a wide range of Web designing and development services including pay-per-click advertisement solutions in Edmonton, Alberta.

5 Best SEO Strategies for 2016

Search engines are getting smarter, and prioritize user intentions to provide them with the best info available. Therefore, it’s a blooming era for the world of SEO. The days when Google just focused on keywords no more counts, neither do stuffing articles and beautiful images work. 60% of clicks always goes for the top 3 search results of the Google query. An SEO can dominate hugely for outbound leads of a website. As 50% of users search for local information, there is need for Local Search Engine Optimization as well.

The best SEO techniques for 2016 are as follows:

1. Understand the Ranking Factors

Search engine ranking factors can be categorized into two forms, one that are more important and others that are least important. It’s crucial to find out which ranking factor works for a particular website. To make this understand, Moz inc. did a survey. According to Moz, responsive websites can generate 88% share in increasing rank, 81% goes to page’s perceived value, 67% to the usage of a site, and again 67% to readability and design. Paid links and anchored texts can degrade site ranking.

2. Optimize for Mobile Search

Mobile optimization is growing as a necessity, since these device searches are increasing with a rapid speed of 40% each year. With an increasing propagation of devices, such as smartphones and tablets, its crucial to target the users by optimizing websites for mobile search.


3. Focus on User Intent

Search engines have evolved themselves to understand user intent rather than estimating keywords. The focus is now shifted towards content. Its important to build real content, other than mere keywords. Go through an analytical study to find the types of phrases that are generating more traffic. Long tails keywords can improve a lot in ranking.

4. Being local is still good

Local optimization for geographic searches can help in better results. List your business in the pages of Google, Bing or Yahoo. The information should comprise a business name, address, contact number, services, brands and other useful information that can help a customer find you easily, to engage with your business. Include location specific keywords in the content of a local page.


5. The Longer the Better

For effective SEO results, the ideal length for articles and posts have changed up dramatically. Earlier it was 250- 350, but now its increased to 2500 per article. Larger content generates more backlinks and social shares. Begin the article by writing small posts, and combine them with other posts to increase length. You can even add most commonly asked queries within the content.

These were the best SEO techniques favourable in 2016. Using these strategies can surely help in Improving Rank Of a Website. FutureWorkz is a web design company that offers a wide range of WordPress development and search engine optimization services in Edmonton.

Important Do’s and Do’nt Of Local SEO in 2016

seo-tips-for-google1-640x360What do you think about SEO, is it an art or science? Generally expert says, search engine optimization is just like science. Now you think how it is like science. Because it is require researches and many other things like science. 

It is just about SEO, now let’s talk about local search engine optimization. Here are many important things which you need to consider before local SEO. Local search engine optimization is just about to provide your services and content in particular area. SEO Service in Edmonton help customers and aware few do’s and don’t of local search engine optimization.

Factors which is Important for SEO


1. Optimize your NAP data: NAP stands for name, address and phone number. It help to rank well in local organic search results. You should have to restructure your NAP data in Google My Business page. According to your NAP, Google and other search engines categories your business information in selected area.

2. Create a Google My Business account: It 10c2340helps to connect your local business services and products to a variety of Google products. If you run local business, remember one thing the Google map is most important thing because this in only place where map pack ranking are generated. Your Google My Business account your local business to Google map. Make sure you enter right NAP information for every single location.

landing-page-650x4273. Create unique landing page: If you have informative content on your local business site that matches with the requirements of your users, definitely you get the best result of local SEO. Without landing pages, you fail to convince users to take interest in your services and products. In short, you need an exclusive landing page to get the attention of visitors.

SEO Mistakes which should be avoid

5-local-seo-mistakes-small-300x1641. Do not change NAP data: Once you successfully gain the attention of your visitor, may be you think about to change your NAP data. If you do this, you might be pay a huge amount for this or maybe you lost your customers. It will take several days to get back the results like before.

seo-tips-keyword-ranking-traffic2. Don’t ignore keywords: Keywords are must for high ranking. Use keywords in your meta description, meta title. You can also use service keywords in your categories. Keyword research will help to discover the world of various services and products and you are one of these services. Many search engine optimization executives use free tools like keyword planner to build their keyword strategy.

keyword-stuffing3. Neglect keyword stuffing: Keyword stuffing is the main reason of low ranking. Content sound spammy when it contain too many same keywords. Keyword stuffing is a part of black SEO. It just add load of information not a value into the content.

This handy list will help you to do local SEO on your business in this upcoming year. If you want beat this internet marketing competition, you should follow these tips to boost your local search engine optimization. For more information contact to  FutureWorkz (Web Design Company) in Edmonton.

How To Improve Small Business Website

webAre you a small business owner? Do you run small business website? Do you want to improve your website? If your answer is yes, you don’t need to worry about it. If you are thinking about revamp your whole website, think once again. Because you don’t need to change whole website. You can just add small improvements that will help you to build a great brand website.

Here Web design services in Edmonton serve you few simple and smart tips to improve your small business website.

1. Too Big Website: Bigger is not always good, specially when it comes to small business websites. A large website suffers from many problems and the loading is one of them. It can take lot of time to loading.

2. Simplify Navigation: If you launch your website to promote your brand, offers an enjoyable experience on your site. Navigation is the big factor impact on success or failure than other factors. One navigation mistake can affect website’s ranking and traffic. Good and better navigation is high-priority to success and wrong navigation can break your website.

3. Choose Right Keywords: Keywords are most important and valuable for your website. Because keywords are the way to reach your website easily. Understanding the long tail keyword demand and search your keywords. There are many tools provided by Google which help to search keywords such as Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool, Google Trends and word tracker’s Free Basic Keyword Demand.

4. Add Customer Testimonials: This is one of the most vital elements of your small business website. It helps to build reliability of your brand or company. If you don’t have any testimonial or review on your website, you can email your customers and ask them for their feedback. Testimonial is the great tool to attract an interest of customers.

5. Refresh Images: Images play an extremely important role in the success of your small business website. Images help to stay visitors long time on your website. Your website holds number of images, just think about your audience target.

 6. Update Meta Description: Unique meta description for each page of website is crucial. Because meta description is the first thing user see on search engine about your website. So, remember each page of website has a unique description including keywords.Improving your small business website is not daunting and most costly task.

By following few steps, you can easily make successful website. Do you have any question and want to speak with FutureWorkz web design executives, make a call on 780-628-1791.