What Is On Page SEO And What Are Its Techniques


In search engine optimization, there are two ways to do SEO on your website, first is on page and second is off page. On page optimization is used to improve and renovate your website content. It includes meta tags, keyword density, HTML tag, XML sitemap, robot.txt and keyword placement and more. There are many on page SEO techniques and in this article we discuss about them. Here are these on page SEO techniques.

1. Original Content: You can say content is just like a back bone for your website, means if you have poor or duplicate content, Google can hit your website. Your website may be penalize by Google. In simple words, if you publish already used content on your website, it can be harmful for your site. Try to write your own content with attractive words and you can also add images with your content. Always write a content better then your competitors and don’t make it loo lengthy and also don’t write too small content. Your content tells about your business and services to users. So, make it attractive and readable.

2. Page Title And Description: It is very important to know about your website. Make sure you give the unique title to every page of website. Each page need a little unrepeatable description and it should be up to 150 characters. Remember, use bold tag for important parts of your page. You can also use heading tags like h1 and h2.

3. URL Is Important: URL is most important part of your website. URL helps to recognize the file and data structure of the website. It uses just hyphens to separate long URL and it does not contain space, underscore and any other special character. If possible, you can avoid use of parameters. Normally, the length of URL is 2083 but try to use short and clean URL because it look professional and it helps to improve ranking.

4. Internal Links: Like URL and page title, internal linking is also important part of on page SEO. Because if you don’t have internal links, user can come to your site and just read first page of website go back or may be he never visit your website in future. So, you have to make internal links on your website. It can help to stay a visitor for long time and also provides the stuff which user want. Remember one thing, do not try to use only keywords for internal links and just add readable internal links which are important for users.

5. Use Of Keyword: Sometimes, many content writers or bloggers use one keyword several times in their blog or article. It’s called keyword stuffing. You should avoid it. Use of one keyword again and again can effect your website ranking.

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