Top Five Hazardous Blog Mistakes You Should Avoid Them

Write a blog or article is very daunting and complicated job. But now blogging-mistakesa days, internet serve you huge range of different topic related to blog writing. You can see these topics on internet and these are posted by various expert writers. These blogs and articles are posted in different forms. But some time after full awareness, blog writer make some mistakes in his blog. To improve these mistakes, read this article. In this article you find all that mistakes which are mostly occur while you write a blog.

1. Write About You: It is very common mistake. Generally when people start writing, first they write about their self. It is totally wrong. Start writing with your topic which you select for you blog title. You can write about yourself but not in the header section of the blog. Just write two or three lines about your self at the end point of blog. But it is not compulsory. So, you should avoid it.


2. Weird Format: Every blogger wants that user read his blog or article. But some time blogger make mistake by use of some kind of weird format. It does not look nice and also not a readable. One more important thing, avoid long paragraph. If possible, make points and use images in your blog.

3. Focus On Quality And Quantity: These both things, quality and quantity, are important to write a blog or article. You need to keep balanced between both of them. You have to pay attention on both.

choose-topic14. Use Too Many Topics: When people start writing, they try to write more than one topic. Due to this mistake, they lost real target or goal of the blog or article and user can’t find appropriate information from your blog. Multiple topics can be typical and hard to understand. May be you can’t make money from your article or blog, if you use too many topics in a single blog.

5. Use Bombast And Jargon: Some bloggers used most typical and difficult word and shows they are professional bloggers. But they don’t know they make mistake by use of these type of words. Many users don’t know the meaning of some difficult words. So, try to write your blog as easy to read as possible. Just think you are write for twelve or thirteen year old child and use simple plain English.

There are chances to sort out a single problem but if you do multiple problems in your blog, there is no possibility to change them. So. remember when ever you start a blog get the help of any expert. You can make a call to FutureWorkz or visit our website and get help from our experts.


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