Important Do’s and Do’nt Of Local SEO in 2016

seo-tips-for-google1-640x360What do you think about SEO, is it an art or science? Generally expert says, search engine optimization is just like science. Now you think how it is like science. Because it is require researches and many other things like science. 

It is just about SEO, now let’s talk about local search engine optimization. Here are many important things which you need to consider before local SEO. Local search engine optimization is just about to provide your services and content in particular area. SEO Service in Edmonton help customers and aware few do’s and don’t of local search engine optimization.

Factors which is Important for SEO


1. Optimize your NAP data: NAP stands for name, address and phone number. It help to rank well in local organic search results. You should have to restructure your NAP data in Google My Business page. According to your NAP, Google and other search engines categories your business information in selected area.

2. Create a Google My Business account: It 10c2340helps to connect your local business services and products to a variety of Google products. If you run local business, remember one thing the Google map is most important thing because this in only place where map pack ranking are generated. Your Google My Business account your local business to Google map. Make sure you enter right NAP information for every single location.

landing-page-650x4273. Create unique landing page: If you have informative content on your local business site that matches with the requirements of your users, definitely you get the best result of local SEO. Without landing pages, you fail to convince users to take interest in your services and products. In short, you need an exclusive landing page to get the attention of visitors.

SEO Mistakes which should be avoid

5-local-seo-mistakes-small-300x1641. Do not change NAP data: Once you successfully gain the attention of your visitor, may be you think about to change your NAP data. If you do this, you might be pay a huge amount for this or maybe you lost your customers. It will take several days to get back the results like before.

seo-tips-keyword-ranking-traffic2. Don’t ignore keywords: Keywords are must for high ranking. Use keywords in your meta description, meta title. You can also use service keywords in your categories. Keyword research will help to discover the world of various services and products and you are one of these services. Many search engine optimization executives use free tools like keyword planner to build their keyword strategy.

keyword-stuffing3. Neglect keyword stuffing: Keyword stuffing is the main reason of low ranking. Content sound spammy when it contain too many same keywords. Keyword stuffing is a part of black SEO. It just add load of information not a value into the content.

This handy list will help you to do local SEO on your business in this upcoming year. If you want beat this internet marketing competition, you should follow these tips to boost your local search engine optimization. For more information contact to  FutureWorkz (Web Design Company) in Edmonton.


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