5 Best SEO Strategies for 2016

Search engines are getting smarter, and prioritize user intentions to provide them with the best info available. Therefore, it’s a blooming era for the world of SEO. The days when Google just focused on keywords no more counts, neither do stuffing articles and beautiful images work. 60% of clicks always goes for the top 3 search results of the Google query. An SEO can dominate hugely for outbound leads of a website. As 50% of users search for local information, there is need for Local Search Engine Optimization as well.

The best SEO techniques for 2016 are as follows:

1. Understand the Ranking Factors

Search engine ranking factors can be categorized into two forms, one that are more important and others that are least important. It’s crucial to find out which ranking factor works for a particular website. To make this understand, Moz inc. did a survey. According to Moz, responsive websites can generate 88% share in increasing rank, 81% goes to page’s perceived value, 67% to the usage of a site, and again 67% to readability and design. Paid links and anchored texts can degrade site ranking.

2. Optimize for Mobile Search

Mobile optimization is growing as a necessity, since these device searches are increasing with a rapid speed of 40% each year. With an increasing propagation of devices, such as smartphones and tablets, its crucial to target the users by optimizing websites for mobile search.


3. Focus on User Intent

Search engines have evolved themselves to understand user intent rather than estimating keywords. The focus is now shifted towards content. Its important to build real content, other than mere keywords. Go through an analytical study to find the types of phrases that are generating more traffic. Long tails keywords can improve a lot in ranking.

4. Being local is still good

Local optimization for geographic searches can help in better results. List your business in the pages of Google, Bing or Yahoo. The information should comprise a business name, address, contact number, services, brands and other useful information that can help a customer find you easily, to engage with your business. Include location specific keywords in the content of a local page.


5. The Longer the Better

For effective SEO results, the ideal length for articles and posts have changed up dramatically. Earlier it was 250- 350, but now its increased to 2500 per article. Larger content generates more backlinks and social shares. Begin the article by writing small posts, and combine them with other posts to increase length. You can even add most commonly asked queries within the content.

These were the best SEO techniques favourable in 2016. Using these strategies can surely help in Improving Rank Of a Website. FutureWorkz is a web design company that offers a wide range of WordPress development and search engine optimization services in Edmonton.


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