5 Essential Tips to Help You Succeed with Mobile SEO

Online marketing is inclined towards mobile devices as audience from mobile platform is on a constant rise. More and more people are using smartphones as a medium to access web that is compelling marketers to focus on mobile marketing. Even the advertisers are creating medias, videos, and banner ads that are compatible for mobile formats. To add more, Google prioritize websites that have been optimized for mobile compatibility. It is important to optimize a responsive website since SEO strategies keeps on changing. A Professional Web Developer Edmonton can be Hired for effective search engine optimization techniques.

Few factors to be considered while optimizing for mobile SEO are:

1. Create a Responsive Website

The first step in optimization process is developing a mobile friendly website. A responsive site is one which adjusts its layout to fit every screen size its viewed upon, whether it’s a tablet or a smart phone. Images, text and other content modifies itself to be legible on smaller screens. Though a mobile app can be a perfect solution, managing both of them i.e website and app may come up as a daunting task. A responsive web design ensures single website to serve both mobile and desktop users. In addition, duplicate content is avoided that can impact SEO rankings.


2. Leverage on Local Search

One of the best approach when it comes to optimization is local search. If one is targeting the entire world, there are very little chances of coming on first page of search query result. With local search technique, one can benefit from Google AdWords feature, which is effective in giving results related to a location. Local search comes up as an effective SEO strategy that can help in improving SERP of a responsive website.

3. Focus on Mobile Keywords

As desktop experience is different from mobile one, similar goes for keywords. While optimizing content for keywords, it should be kept in mind that users use different search terms for both mobile and laptop. Google Analytics tool helps to find out data related to type of keywords mostly used for mobile searches that can help in improving organic rankings.


4. Page Speed

Another crucial factor that helps in engaging more audience and consequently better ranking is page loading speed. While optimizing a website for mobile search, do make sure it loads faster without any run-time error. Smartphones often suffer connectivity and hardware issues therefore, page loading speed has more to do with mobile friendly sites compared to non-responsive ones. An easy solution to this issue is minimizing the code and enabling browser caching.

5. Don’t Use Pop-Ups

Nothing can annoy a user more than pop-ups. Another displeasing factor about them is they are quite large to be closed on tiny screen sizes which often results in higher bounce rates. A website can improve its ranking if it consists of no or less pop-ups.

Many factors need to be kept in mind to optimize a website effectively for mobile ranking. These were the few tips that can help in optimizing a responsive website. FutureWorkz is a full service web company that offers a wide range of Web designing and development services including pay-per-click advertisement solutions in Edmonton, Alberta.


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