Top 5 Things To Know Before Starting the UI Design of a Website

To get a user friendly interface and attract more audience, its important to remain up-to-date with various Edmonton Web Design trends. Knowing the best practices help in keeping a designer as well his designed website far ahead of its competitors. A better and planned design is sure to offer fruitful results.

Some of the best practices that are applicable for UI designs are:

1. Contrast

In order to attract a user towards a website, its crucial to pay attention towards the color contrasts. This will help in easy identification of a button or link. Try to use bold colors and large fonts to display and differentiate the titles and other important headings on a webpage. Use a contrasting background color to catch the user attention towards the other page elements.

2. Consistency

Consistency is the key to success. Its advised to keep the button size same throughout the website. This will help the users in identifying the navigation points and click-able areas. Irregular or changing button colors or formats can confuse a visitor, thereby, making it harder to navigate around the site and homepage.


3. Functionality

Before starting the web development or designing process, its crucial to know the purpose for which the site is being designed. If you think the majority of the visits will be from a mobile platform, make sure the design is responsive and the images are optimized to load up quickly. Adjust the flow of site in a top to bottom or header to footer manner. This will greatly help in structuring the content to fit both the business and user needs.

4. White space

Another important thing to concentrate upon is white spaces. They should be used in a way that the space is utilized in a well manner. A managed white space helps a lot in keeping a website organized, open, clutter free and attractive. This allows in making the web content more digestible and focused.

5. Typography

Another elegant approach to establish a visual hierarchy is through effective typography. Choosing a nice banner line cannot pay off, until its written using an attractive font style and design. Size also plays an important role, when it comes to the designer fonts.


Interface or the UI design provides a perfect opportunity to bundle up the appeals of a website along with making it stand out. Web interface should be easy to use, simple to navigate, use the contrasting colors, employ the right fonts and needs to remain overall consistent.

These were the few UI design elements that an Edmonton Web designer should be well aware of, before starting the interface design. FutureWorkz is a full service digital company that offers quality SEO solutions, web design and development services in Edmonton at competitive prices.


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